Livelihood Project

Our Livelihood Project

Our livelihood project aims at preparing and connecting participants of our community house with a suitable work place. Often people with a vulnerable background end up in jobs that come with unfair and unsafe working conditions, low or no payment and pressure from coworkers to consume alcohol. Through partnering with supportive employers, our participants have a better chance on earning a fair income, feel valued and face less temptations. Besides, we are aiming to start up small businesses ourselves to provide a proper employment, learning place and income for participants in our living community. In 2022 a big Mongolian ger (yurt) was build on our land to become our first business: a coffeehouse for our direct neighbourhood and (local) tourists that are on their way to the river for a picknick. June 1st of 2023 we finally opened our doors!

Creating a healthy living environment

Our community house project is a transitional plan to help homeless persons move on after an addiction treatment program to a life back in society. Through our community house we offer an alcohol-free, low-cost living environment for up to 15 residents. Our goal is to provide them with support in their recovery process and in building up their new life with less risk for relapse, especially in the hardest first year.
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