Community House Project

Reentering the Outside World after Alcohol Rehabilitation

To rebuild a life back in society as homeless person is incredibly hard and the support needed after alcohol rehabilitation basically non-existing. Alcohol rehabilitation is indispensable as a first step towards recovery. However, we have found that, without additional temporal services, this alone is not enough to end the cycle of homelessness and addiction. Moving on after alcohol rehabilitation many homeless people find themselves on their own again. As they lack a healthy community, a reliable, suitable job and even a proper place to live, many relapse into their addiction and end up on the streets again. Relapsing is a reality and likely to happen in the journey towards recovery, but we believe some relapses can be prevented with a preparatory process that follows directly after alcohol rehabilitation, and focuses in particular on continuous recovery and stability back in society.
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Creating a healthy living environment

Our community house project is a transitional plan to help homeless persons move on after addiction treatment to a life back in society. Through our community house we offer an alcohol-free, low-cost living environment for up to 20 residents. Our goal is to provide them with support in their recovery process and in building up their new life with less risk for relapse, especially in the hardest first year.

Together towards recovery

Through mutual support, encouragement and accountability, residents are committed to not only seek their own recovery and growth, but also that of their fellow residents that are going through the same thing. Besides, we facilitate regular peer support groups and trainings in personal growth and development.
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