About Us

Who We Are
Giving care, attention and recognition to homeless people in Ulaanbaatar and work together towards relief, improvement and change. Within the limited range of help available for the homeless we want to be the missing link that can connect them with the help available to them, so that they can step out of a cycle of hopelessness, addiction and exclusion and regain their rightful place in society.


We work according to the Presence Approach, which aims at optimal care for people in marginalized positions. Building strong relationships between caregiver and those receiving care is at its core, as relationships are the basis for helping and receiving support in a healthy way. We want to be there with and for the other person without a focus on ‘solving a problem’. In this way the other feels seen, heard and fully human, and is included in deciding upon desired actions and solutions. We aim at finding the most satisfying possible relationship to life - even when that life is stuck.
Mobile Drop-In Bus
With our Drop-in Bus we visit homeless people groups at different locations in the city to build relationships, provide basic needs and build bridges to other care organisations.
Community House
With our Community House we offer additional support for homeless people after completion of an addiction care program to prepare for a stable and independent life back in society.

For more information about these and more projects see ‘Our Projects’

Cooperating Organizations & Providing Training

We cooperate with a number of local addiction care centers and hospitals ‘Enerel’ and Agape in Ulaanbaatar. In collaboration with De Hoop’ Addiction Care, The Netherlands we provide staff and volunteers training as well as annualy training for addiction, health and social care workers.

We started our activities in 2015 as project ‘Sergelt’ under the International NGO Good Neighbor Society. As intended from the start to eventually become a separate local NGO with local management, we made the transfer out of the organization in April 2020 and since then continue independently as local NGO ‘Sergelt Ood’.

Staff And Volunteers

Meet the team behind Sergelt Ood

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