Christmas with the homeless

Christmas with the homeless

After days and evenings of preparation together with a bunch of motivated volunteers, we celebrated Christmas with 140 homeless people at our two meeting locations. It was the highlight of our first year as Sergelt project!

Besides a warm meal we shared the Christmas message, sang songs and each person received a bag with warm clothes and fruit, and from each volunteer a handwritten personal ‘love’ letter of encouragement.

Regularly we have some people coming drunk, making problems, shouting or fighting with others, but none of that all at our celebrations. Even our biggest ‘problem makers’ waited patiently and expectantly for what was to come, and there was an overall atmosphere of peace and joy! People were pleasantly surprised and touched, because who in society shows them any care or kindness? They are used to be ignored and shunned and now they even receive’ love’ letters from their fellow Mongolians! We as well as all volunteers enjoyed it a lot and were very much encouraged too.

Our first celebration we held in the hall of a church building nearby our meeting location. Our second celebration was outside (-20°C!) at our other meeting location at Selbe river (pictures are from outside location only).

A big THANK YOU to all who participated!


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