We have our land!

We have our land!


The search for a plot of land was not easy but, in the end, we were rewarded with the best plot we could have imagined: perfectly suited for our purpose to set up our office and reintegration centre for recovering addicted homeless people.

It has been for sale a long time and for us it seems it has been reserved for us all the time: perfectly located with many opportunities for us. We are very grateful! The start of the construction work is planned for next week.

A garage will be build for our drop-in bus, attached to our main building which will be completely renovated. We hope to move in before winter starts. After that is completed, we plan to rebuild the smaller building next to it into a coffeehouse to become our first small business project. 

The land purchase and renovation has been made possible through fundraising done by EO Metterdaad (filming our activities in 2019 and broadcasting on the Dutch TV early 2020) and the generosity of many viewers that donated to our cause. THANK YOU!

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